a kinetic responsive sculpture

in collaboration with NAVID NAVAB, sound artist

Threads is a kinetic responsive sculpture, part of the larger research creation project : Materialities of Memory in the Post-Print Era. The installation dwells with the mnemonic dimension  of the written word and puts under the magnifying glass the acts of reading and writing in an intricate play of sensorial relations.Drop-spindles suspended in mid-air hold threads made out of hand-written paper, a transcription of a century-old correspondence. When touched, they produce sounds  modulated on mouvement, that combine to create a mesmerizing environment. At a desk one is invited to reconsider the act of writing, by the use of an inkless pen and sonified paper. Threads reveals memory as a blueprint of sensation and suggests that its capturing is volatile and ephemeral.

Phi Center, Montreal, May 2014

Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fe 2015

phi invitation